32 Centres

66 Coaches

32 Coordinators

1300 Players


  • To Develop All Levels And Facets Of Our Young Indian Children In Football.
  • Encompasses our dreams for the future of the Indian Community.
  • It actually becomes a national agenda.
  • Serves As A Career Path To All Participants.
  • All of the above to be achieved through “Football”.


  • To use football as a tool to ensure a positive and enjoyable life experience for young adults by implementing programs and activities that would raise the standard of their overall living.
  • To support the development of each individual Indian Elite player who has the potential to excel within the game of football .


  • To use Football as a tool for character education for youth.
  • To prevent youth with an alternative to unhealthy activities.
  • To provide a platform for the youth to realise their true potential in football and through football.
  • To motivate the youth who aspire to have better career and life.
  • To encourage Member Clubs of MIFA to collaborate with local government, NGO’s, corporate agencies and other related bodies using football as a tool for social development.


  • set their goals in their life understand the value of the healthy life style concept and practice it in their daily life.
  • understand personality differences and respect to accept the differences.
  • enhance their communication and interaction capabilities at peers, family and community surroundings in general.
  • understand and react positively towards accepted rules and regulation have responsibility and accountability for their own decisions and actions.