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Datuk T. Mohan

Born and raised in Puchong, Selangor, Datuk T.Mohan’s nearest professional football club was the Red Giants – Selangor FA. In his early teens he naturally gravitated to the local footballing scenes, watching from the terraces as the Selangor stadium’s cult hero of the late ’80s /early ’90s —banged in goals after goals, that inspired his passion towards football.

At this stage, Malaysian Indian FA were not in the scenes of Malaysian football’s semiprofessional game, but 2 decades later, in 2015 they came to prominence when they reached The FA Cup 2nd round against the defending champions Pahang FA. At that stage, Datuk T.Mohan expressed his satisfaction of being able to put the Malaysian Indian FA at the limelight of the nation’s footballing agenda.

All these weren’t until 2008  that he became the President of MIFA —a figurative role in Malaysian Indian football. This was the enigma and beginning of the rise of Malaysian Indian FA.

His first role as a President was to form a team of vibrant youth and experienced hands in the footballing scenes in Malaysia. He had managed to unite various professionals, players, coaches and businessman in working together with one goal of  Malaysian Indian Football development.

This is an important milestone for MIFA which started from scratch and the various activities organized by MIFA is testament to the hard work put in developing the football skills amongst Indian youths.

MIFA, over the years have scored several firsts, including organizing football competitions for the under-12,  Under-16, Under-23, veteran tournament as well as futsal competitions with the media. It has also participated in international competitions in Italy and France.2014 was a historic year as MIFA managed to collaborate with the Malaysian Indian Sports Council and put up a team in the Liga FAM for the first time. In our debut in 2014, we only managed ninth position but their participation has spurred more Indian team to participate in the state leagues throughout the country. In the same year’s FAM Club under 19 competitions, there was another achievement of two Indian teams, one from Perak and one from Penang contested in the final of the National Piala 1Malaysia, which was graced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

2015 would be MIFA’s memorable year to date as the Senior team’s performance in this year’s FAM Cup has been outstanding by finishing  in the 2nd spot in Group B (only by goal difference). MIFA Women’s team did one better by being the National Women’s Champion of the FAM Women Football Carnival in August 2015.It cannot be denied that MIFA is being held in high esteem by the football fraternity including the Football Association of Malaysia for its commitment and dedication towards football.

Datuk T.Mohan is confident that with all these efforts put in, one day, we will see more Indian players who came through the ranks of MIFA, playing for the various states as well as the national team. No one was left in any doubt about his love and commitment towards the improvement of Malaysian Indian Football and soon, his astute knowledge of the game and obvious enthusiasm saw him take MIFA to next level by introducing the MIFA Beyond Football Program. This would be a national grassroots development program with the collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Department directly.